Month: May 2022

Gas chromatography detectors

There are many detectors available for GC (see Table 1). These detectors can be divided into two categories: general detectors and selective detectors. Let’s discuss one after the other the detectors mentioned in table 1 The thermal conductivity detector (TCD): This is a general detector that can be used for both organic and inorganic compounds. It produces a …

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The history of balances and scales dates back to Ancient Egypt. A simplistic equal-arm balance on a fulcrum that compared two masses was the standard. Today, scales are much more complicated and have a multitude of uses. Applications range from laboratory weighing of chemicals to weighing of packages for shipping purposes. To fully understand how …

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Elements of Maintenance Planning for Laboratory Equipment (Part 2)

Planned Maintenance Also Preventive Maintenance or Scheduled Maintenance Pre-planned and scheduled Involves scheduled service visits by competent   service agent, but may also include periodical checks  and care by User Can be date-based or hours-based Allows for easier planning of maintenance Allows for easier ordering and inventory of spares Allows for easy budgeting and costs management …

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Elements of Maintenance Planning for Laboratory Equipment (Part 1)

Troubleshooting vs Maintenance Troubleshooting: Logical, systematic search for the source of a problem Helps to identify the cause(s) of a problem with a view to correcting it Works usually by the process of elimination Maintenance: Activities carried out in order to preserve the operational status and life of an asset (equipment) Does not necessarily extend …

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Flame Ionization Detector (FID)

A flame ionization detector (FID) is a scientific instrument that measures analytes in a gas stream. It is frequently used as a detector in gas chromatography. The measurement of ion per unit time make this a mass sensitive instrument.Standalone FIDs can also be used in applications such as landfill gas monitoring, fugitive emissions monitoring and internal combustion engine emissions measurement in stationary or portable instruments. Fig 1: FID. …

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