Applied Analytical Systems

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About Us

We are a scientific and engineering company dedicated to the provision of chemical analysis solutions and support of laboratory instruments to the food, chemical, oil/gas, pharmaceutical and process industries. Our strength is our unique ability to provide cost effective chemical analysis solutions and instrument support on a multi-vendor and multi-instrument basis. Our technical relationships therefore cut across many manufacturers and manufacturers’ representatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What we offer?

We sell, service, and repair the following laboratory and scientific equipment, among others:  electrochemistry products, UV/Visible Spectrometers (UV/VIS), Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers (FTIR), Atomic Absorption Spectrometers (AAS), Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometers (ICP), Mass Spectrometer (MS), Chromatographs (GC/HPLC), Density &Viscosity Testing Equipment,  Electronic Weighing Balances, Environmental Testing Equipment, Agronomics – Grain Moisture Testers, Water Baths, Circulators, Shakers and Chillers, Petroleum Testing Equipment, Distillation Apparatus, Viscometers, accompanying software,  as well as other bench-top laboratory instruments.

Do we offer warranty/guarranty?

Warranty and Guaranty covers 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.

Who are our partners?

Our technical relationships cut across many manufacturers and manufacturers’ representatives  such as :

  • Accustandard Inc, USA, (manufacturers of analytical reference standards)
  • Alpha and Omega Inc., U.S.A.; Agilent Channel Partners.
  • Analytical Instruments Management, U.S.A. (Suppliers of refurbished and second user GCs, HPLCs, GC-MS)
  • Camlab, U.K. (manufacturers and manufacturers’ representatives for all laboratory equipment, supplies and consumables)

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