Are you a laboratory owner? So what is the core benefit you want when you are running a lab business? Isn’t the answer ‘money’? Revenue and Profits are the core reason why any business is run.

With this post we’ll share unexpected ways in which you are losing money at your lab and things you can do to plug these negative forces.


Well, to be frank a website today has become a basic necessity. It has become essential to have an online presence in the times when almost everyone in the city owns a smartphone. More and more clients are running through online directories, reviews, ratings, answers to shortlist the perfect laboratory. So why should you stay behind? Be present where the clients are present.

A very basic website should work just fine if it can provide the correct information about you and satisfy the client. SEO’s and PPC’s are an add-on advantage & the right keywords can take you places.

Referral Tie Ups

Today more than ever labs need to have referral tie ups with chemist, lab technicians, analyst, doctors, practitioners, health service providers, et al. Overall service is the key. Take for instance, a patient walks in to a doctor’s clinic and the doctor writes some tests, the doctor is now is in a position of influence and can refer the patient to your lab to get the tests done. What does it mean for you? Consistent revenues!

Provide all Services under one roof

Yes, being a specialist in a particular field is cool. But would it be too bad if you become a one stop shop for all laboratory needs? Definitely NOT. Expand your services and provide all solutions to your clients under one roof. The obvious answer here is becoming a partner of choice for your clients A place where the client knows he’ll find all solutions.

Take Control

Yes, you cannot be in two places at one! But being the owner of the laboratory you need to be in control. You need to know what is happening in Branch A or B or rather at Counter No. 3 of Branch C of your labs. Operations form the backbone of any laboratory and those should always be at your fingertips when required. A good way to do that is automation. Automation helps you take control of things and know the processes which are happening in the background.

Inventory Mismanagement

There is nothing worse than losing a customer or a client because some inventory was out of stock. Train your employees in such a way that they keep logs of the consumables and keep note when things go out of stock. A great option in such cases is have an inventory management software. Not only does it reduce reliance on manual counting and log books, it also automates inventory tracking and reordering.




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