Applied Analytical Systems

Our technical relationships cut across many manufacturers and manufacturers’ representatives  such as;

  • Analytical Instruments Management, U.S.A. (Suppliers of refurbished and second user GCs, HPLCs, GC-MS)
  • Spectralab Scientific Inc., Canada, (Supplier of refurbished and second user lab equipment such as AAS, GCs, GC-MS, HPLCs)
  • F-DGSi, France. (Manufacturers of gas generators)
  • PG Instruments Limited, U.K. (Manufacturers of Spectrophotometers such as AAS, UV-visible spectrophotometers)
  • Quadrex Corporation (manufacturers of GC columns and  GC supplies and consumables)
  • Thomas Scientific Inc., U.S.A. (manufacturers and manufacturers’ representatives for all laboratory equipment, supplies and consumables)
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