Maintaining or managing a laboratory is becoming more and more expensive these days, especially in this country. This is even more so for laboratories with sophisticated equipment like Gas Chromatographs, GC. The accessories, consumables and the gases that are required for the operation of GCs are becoming increasingly expensive and sometimes not immediately available.

One way by which you can manage and reduce your costs especially for laboratories with Gas Chromatographs is with the use of Gas Generators. The advantages you get are:

1.      All your gas needs (Carrier gas and detector gases ) can be obtained from one single gas generator

2.      The cost of a 3-in-1 generator is less than 3 million naira and this will supply your GCs with clean and pure gases. Meanwhile the cost of one Helium and Hydrogen bottle are tending towards N 320,000.00 apiece. This means that with an investment of a less than 3 million Naira only in a 3-in-1 gas generator, you can recover your investment in about a year if your laboratory is very busy or in a year and half if the laboratory is not quite busy.

3.      One hundred percent safety is guaranteed. Laboratory gas generators do not have pressure hazards, common with high pressure gas bottles, which can damage pressure sensors and EPCs on the GC and/or cause injury to personnel

4.      Convenience; Laboratory generators do not run out of gases suddenly and are designed to work 24/7

5.      Gas generators produce very pure gases of about 99.9995% purity or higher and you may not need expensive filters or require frequent change of filters.

Smart Laboratories must continue to look for ways to manage costs while improving the quality of data and results generated at the same time. For a laboratory using gas chromatographs extensively, the use of gas generators will certainly be one of the deciding factors of competitiveness and profitability. Only smart laboratories will survive and flourish in these hard times. Be smart.

Please reach me on Kemi@aasnig.com or 08060874724 for a quotation. Kindly feel free to contact me anytime.

We look forward to receiving your orders!

Posted by Oluwakemi Adi

08060874724 OR Kemi@aasnig.com

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