Introducing Horiba Laqua WQ-300 Series: Smart Handheld Water Quality Meters

Water is one of our most precious resources, and ensuring its quality is crucial for the well-being of both humans and the environment. As an Horiba distributor in Nigeria, we take immense pride in introducing the cutting-edge Horiba Laqua WQ-300 Series Smart Handheld Water Quality Meters. These advanced instruments have been designed to revolutionize water analysis, empowering professionals across various industries to make informed decisions and uphold the highest standards of water quality.

Understanding the Horiba Laqua WQ-300 Series

The Horiba Laqua WQ-300 Series Smart Handheld Water Quality Meters represent a significant leap forward in water analysis technology. These robust and portable devices offer a wide range of capabilities, enabling accurate and reliable measurements in the field, at the lab, or anywhere water quality assessment is essential.

Key Features and Benefits

Versatility: The Laqua WQ-300 Series supports multiple parameters, including pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO), turbidity, ion, salinity and more. With this versatility, professionals can confidently tackle various water quality analysis tasks with a single, convenient device.

Smart Handheld Technology: The “smart” aspect of these meters sets them apart from traditional water quality testing equipment. The devices are equipped with intuitive interfaces and user-friendly functionalities, making them accessible to both seasoned analysts and newcomers in the field.

Accuracy and Reliability: When it comes to water quality, precision is paramount. The Laqua WQ-300 Series utilizes Horiba’s renowned sensor technologies, ensuring precise measurements and reliable data, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Real-time Data Analysis: Instant data analysis capabilities allow users to assess water quality parameters on-site and make quick decisions without compromising accuracy. Time-sensitive situations are no longer a concern with the rapid results provided by these smart handheld meters.

Data Storage and Connectivity: The built-in data storage capacity lets users save measurements for future reference and analysis. Additionally, seamless connectivity options facilitate easy data transfer to computers or other devices, streamlining record-keeping and enhancing collaboration.

Durability and Portability: The Laqua WQ-300 Series is designed to withstand rugged field conditions. Its compact, lightweight structure ensures effortless portability, making it the ideal companion for professionals who need to perform water quality assessments on the go.


The Horiba Laqua WQ-300 Series Smart Handheld Water Quality Meters find extensive application across various industries:

Environmental Monitoring: Assessing water quality in lakes, rivers, and oceans to preserve aquatic ecosystems and protect biodiversity.

Agriculture: Monitoring irrigation water quality to optimize crop growth and prevent soil contamination.

Aquaculture: Ensuring optimal conditions for aquatic organisms, promoting their health and growth.

Drinking Water Analysis: Verifying the safety of drinking water sources and distribution networks.

Industrial Usage: Monitoring water quality in industrial processes to comply with regulations and prevent environmental harm.

Research and Education: Supporting scientific research and educational institutions with reliable water quality data.


In conclusion, the Horiba Laqua WQ-300 Series Smart Handheld Water Quality Meters exemplify the latest advancements in water quality analysis technology. As the trusted distributor of these innovative instruments in Nigeria, we are committed to providing professionals with the tools they need to safeguard this precious resource effectively.

Whether you are an environmentalist, researcher, water treatment specialist, or part of any other industry that relies on accurate water quality data, the Horiba Laqua WQ-300 Series is your ultimate partner in promoting sustainable water management practices and a healthier future for all.

Contact us today to learn more about the Horiba products, purchases and how it can elevate your water quality analysis efforts. Together, let’s ensure that every drop counts!

Posted by Oluwakemi Adi Abiodun

kemi@aasnig.com, 08060874724

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